Highveld Thermal League
Information Bulletin

Heidelberg, 2 December 2018, 08h00

  The Venue

Our regular flying field has been ploughed up and the farmer is just waiting for a bit of rain before planting. That means that field is a bit sandy and uneven at the moment and not really suitable for flying. So we're moving "across the road" to the Goeie Nuus sheep grazing field.

Get onto the N3 towards Durban;
When you get to Heidelberg take the second R23 offramp (#59) marked Balfour/Standerton;
Turn left off the offramp going towards Balfour/Standerton and start measuring 2.7km from the end of the offramp;
Turn right off the R23 into the "Goeie Nuus" gate (well signposted);
Head down the sand road and look out for the gazebos on the right of the log fence.

GPS:   26°34'07.50"S   28°24'55.00"E

The Menu

Srambled egg, bacon, bread roll, tomato and coffee

Braai Prego Steak (pork) or Chicken Fillet on a roll with tomato and onion sauce, potato salad and cooldrink.

Breakfast and Lunch R90.00

Friends and family very welcome but please let us know number of breakfasts, lunches and lunch preferences
before Friday. You can email orders directly to
martie@excelnet1.co.za or phone 073 219-6262

Cooldrinks, chips and chocolates available all day.

  The Charity

This year we are supporting Galaxy Children's Village.

Their requirements are long life food items such as sugar, pasta, rice, oats, cereals, etc, tinned foods, peanut butter and jams, toiletries such as soaps, toothpastes and toilet paper. Also washing powder and fabric softeners.

Donations can also be deposited into their bank account:

ABSA Heidelberg Branch 632005
Current Account 40-9024-7727
Galaxy Children's Village

NPO Number is NPO 149-521

The kids are: Zandi (17), Ana (14 - type 1 diabetic), Clive (13), Tyron (10), Teagan (9), Linken (8), Ebrahim (7), Madison (6), Shaun (6), Morgan (5) and Luke (3).

All the children will be out at the field for most of the day and will help us with the catering and flying.

  Flying Rules & Teams

We'll be flying to John Nevin's sawtooth rules. Please be there early as we want to start first round by 09h00.

Teams are as follows:



Craig Goodrum
Oliver Booysens
James Steel

The Steppe Buzzard migrates all the way from northern Asia to spend the summer with us. They can often be seen thermalling and sloping in the area.


Brett Lewis
Theo Wolthers
Aldo Vos

The Long Crested Eagle is a regular visitor to our little forest. When it's around we hear it's constant load cries from the treetops.


Mike Vos
Ken Goodenough
Michelle Goodrum
Rodney Goodrum

We now have a breeding pair of Black Sparrowhawks in our forest. Unless it's breeding season when they call continually, they are very secretive and we only see them flying out of the forest early some mornings and back into the forest just before dark.


Peter Moore
Derek Marusich
Wolfgang Steffny
 Gordon Browne

The Black Shouldered Kites are always around, expertly hovering into wind when they spot something interesting in the grass below them.



The Amur Falcon is another migratory bird that flies in large numbers all the way from north of India. They can often be seen sitting in rows on our electricity and telephone wires in the area.